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Elderly Assistance in East Greenwich, RI

Testimonials for our Elderly Assistance in East Greenwich, RI

Read testimonials about At Your Service from happy clients. We have an excellent reputation for our elderly assistance in East Greenwich, RI, and more! We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us to request references from former clients.

"While we're away, Ned takes better care of our house, cars and plants than we do when we're there!"
— John and Julie F.

"Ned Neiley from At Your Service looked after our house for us when we were living overseas. It was fantastic to have someone so trustworthy and reliable in charge. He would visit the property regularly and ensure that the yard, pool, plumbing, heating, etc. were in working order. And when we had an emergency, (our old furnace started billowing soot into the house in the middle of the night,) Ned was right there with the fire department in the cold and snow. He was also there subsequently to work with the insurance agency and the cleanup crew. When we arrived back in RI, our home was as good as new. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ned for his hard work and 5 star service. We would highly recommend him to all."
— Best wishes, Chris

"We have utilized At Your Service for several years and always had our expectations exceeded. Ned Neiley is a professional service provider who can be relied upon to deliver outstanding service in a courteous and efficient manner.

We highly recommend him and his company."
— Oliver and Martha B.

"Ned is totally reliable. He drove me to doctors' appointments and on some errands over several weeks when I had a broken foot, and was always on time. He also was very helpful with other projects like getting my car in for repair."
— Karen R.

"Ned Neiley's service has proven to be invaluable, we could not recommend him more highly!"
— Ann Ellen & Bob R.

"At Your Service is a unique company that truly serves your every need and then some. Ned Neiley has mastered his trade and on a budget to boot!"
— Derick M.

"My husband and I have used At Your Service for years. We like Ned very much and have not hesitated to recommended At Your Service to many friends."
— C. H.